Tools For The Potter

Pure and Simple Pottery Products take your design idea from concept to creation.

We offer a wide selection of plastic molds for making plaster bats for the wheel and drape molds for the slab roller. Our molds can simplify your production, increase your efficiency and provide you with more creative options. They are easy to use, versatile and cost effective. Check out our gallery and see how other potters are putting these tools to work in their studios. Our Quick-Release Bat Molds produce a superior, locking plaster bat. Pour as many bats as you need for your studio and make bats that wobble or warp a thing of the past. With our domed bats you can simplify the making of lids and plates by eliminating trimming - cutting your time in half. Uniform plates and platters are easily achieved and our versatile molds allow you to produce your own creative designs. The SlumpHump molds are easy to use - even for beginners. Our reversible design allows you to pour both a plaster slump mold and a hump mold; making these molds both versatile and cost effective. Platters, trays and baking dishes can all be made quickly and easily to become the perfect backdrop for expressing your decorative style. Serving the ceramic community for more than 25 years, Pure and Simple Pottery Products is sure to have the right tool for you or your studio. For more information on our molds, or for any questions on the best selection for you, call 707-459-1483 or