Using the Bat Molds - Overview

Step-by-Step: Plates

Step-by-Step: Lids and Bowls

Bat Design Title

This optional method allows you to change the size, change the contour, or impress a pattern.

The Pure & Simple Bat Mold System

Plaster bats offer a definite advantage over other bats, they absorb moisture from the base of the clay form. Pots dry evenly and release easily, with no need for wire cutting. The Pure & Simple Bat Mold System allows you to make your own plaster bats simply and economically, for about a dollar a bat! Our “Quick-Release” wheelhead attachment will quickly and easily center and secure your bat perfectly every time.

Simply mix plaster and water together according to our formula. Pour the plaster into the mold, and then seat the “Quick-Release” into the back of the mold, making the concave triangular impression in the back of the bat. The bat then simply drops over the matching disk with the raised triangular shape which is mounted on the wheelhead, and the bat is locked on. This tongue & groove locking system achieves a superior bat.

Domed Bats allow you to throw lids and plates, complete, at one sitting! You actually throw them upside down on the domed bat. You can form the foot or the knob at the same time. Trimming is eliminated, cutting your work in half! This system is faster. It’s easier. And it assures you a more uniform product.